torstai 11. joulukuuta 2008

The Mother-in-Law is in Town

Today my mother-in-law did something nice. She visited our cafe for the first time and after sitting down she gave me an excited call (I was sitting at my desk at the office at the time, read "How's the cafe?" for info) :

"it's beautiful here! I love the colours..and the moss-green wall, who decided on the colours? I ordered a piece blueberry pie with vanilla creme and a milk coffee! I have a nice seat here by the window! There are several other customers here too... I really hope this will become a trend place..! I have a friend whose daughter lives close by, will have to tell her to come by, and also I will...... "

and she kept talking, as mothers do.

It was nice to get a "front seat" experience of hearing a customer's thoughts live from the cafe.

15 office work days left.

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  1. think we need a JD Coffee Party at villipuutarha , hope JD´ns get kinda good deal :)

  2. JD gets two coffees for the price of 1 and our café will be Kallio HQ for JD :) A post on this topic is coming up in the near future! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)



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