maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2008

How's the café?

I don't know.

I started a café with Katja. The café has now been open for three weeks, yet I have not worked there during official opening hours even for a minute since its opening. Not only is that a little odd, it's also driving me nuts! I work at a HR consultancy company and my contract ends in 20 working days. I have a little post-it next to my screen where I've been counting down the weeks since week number 33 when I had a total of 21 weeks left. It's a Monday morning highlight of mine to cross over a week from the countdown list.

The closer I get to ending my contract here and going full-time to the cafe, the more intense the wait feels. Thankfully there's Xmas, and new years in between to help make the time go by quicker! Until then I have to settle for spending my free time there and finding ways to keep my mind busy and amused during office hours for the next 20 work days (which is all good with nice co-workers and a variety of tasks and projects :)).

This years advent calendar perks me up every morning when I come to the office. The bank downstairs was serving mulled wine (is it still called mulled wine even if it's alcohol free? mulled juice?) and giving away advent calendars last week. I've never been a fan of the picture calendars, until now. It's much more fun to see how someones art work unfolds day by day rather than eat the same not-so-tasty bit of chocolate every day.

All of the windows reveal a new aspect to the final picture. I especially love the little fox in the corner and how the moon looks like a banana!

The two plants in the picture substitute my garden for the time being. The pink one has a very strong scent and the purple one is recovering nicely from a few weeks back when I was watering it far too frequently, almost drowning the poor thing.

Soon I'll be at my own garden café..! Until then I'll have to settle for calling Katja at the end of each day to ask the same questions "how did the day go? what kind of customers did we have? what did they say? then what did they say? tell me everything!"

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