torstai 18. joulukuuta 2008

Christmas Charm

Last night I went to the cafe after work and helped Katja prepare our Christmas shop until sometime past my bedtime. Katja's husband Arttu spent last night creating some cards for us, which I cannot wait to see later tonight! We have been busy..

This evening, as well as tomorrow evening the cafe & shop will be open from 5pm until 9pm and this Saturday we will be open from noon until 9pm. Therefore, this Saturday will be my first full-day spent at the cafe when it's open to customers! I'm happy and I hope that all of you who have been unable to visit us because of our limited opening hours are happy too :)

We want to offer everyone a chance to sit down and relax amidst this last-minute Xmas shopping frenzy. We will be serving Christmas brew, porridge and little treats. Below are a few pictures of some of the items in our shop.

(pictures by Arttu)

The flowers and some of the wreaths are adorned with antique porcelain doll pieces found from the rummages of WWII. The proceeds will be donated to children's charities, so this really is a goodwill present for yourself or a friend.

See you! :)

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