maanantai 22. joulukuuta 2008

I think I quite like working at our cafe!

I woke up Saturday morning dead tired and nervous: facing me that day was a 9 hour first day of work at the cafe! I woke up almost an hour before my alarm clock was due to ring but as I woke my mind filled with thoughts running left and right, up and down - what was there still left to do before opening the cafe at noon? would I learn to use the cash register? could I really manage to carry a cup of steaming hot coffee to the table without spilling it?

What if it all goes wrong?

I quickly got up and hurried to the café at 8:20 on a Saturday morning. Pity I never manage to get myself up that early when I'd have time to visit the fleamarket.

I was joined by Katja and Sari sometime later and we kept busy, running around like headless chickens and somehow by noon we had everything ready. Katja gave us a quick tutorial on the basics of running a café and soon after the first customers arrived she had to leave us on our own...

The day was great! I was so excited to talk to our customers, answer their questions, to serve them and to hear their reactions and thoughts. Also it was heart warming and so encouraging to have so many friends visit me during the day, thanks for that!

Some friends sit comfortably around the table and me standing awkwardly in this picture taken by Janne Hillervo. Yayz.

During our "Christmas Charm" days some of you took part in our Christmas Flower charity project. It was a great success and we would like to extend an extremely warm thank you to all of you who contributed! So, thank you!!! :)

Katja has already gone to the middle of nowhere somewhere and I will head North tomorrow after work, so the café will be occupied by our little helpers for the next week and from then on we'll work to get everything ready for the new year.. next time we open I will be at the café full-time! Be sure to visit then!

Good night, sleep tight... :)

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  1. I can't wait to visit again. The food is just delightful and your Glögi is perfect. See you in the new year!


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