maanantai 16. toukokuuta 2011

If Music Be The Food of Love...

Thank you Anna Inginmaa duo for the great gig last Friday!

Want to take Anna and her band home with you? Pick up your copy of their cd from the cafe :)

This Friday 20th a folk trio, Eeva Raisa Tuulia, will perform at 17:00, don't miss it!

torstai 12. toukokuuta 2011

Ilana Martin: Paintings

Our little garden is in full bloom at the moment because "The Queen of Flowers", Ilana Martin, has just opened an exhibition at our café! Her colourful paintings will be here until the end of May.

picture copyright: Ilana Martin

All of Kallio is "in bloom" this week with the Kallio Kukkii festival, go here to see all the other events:

keskiviikko 11. toukokuuta 2011

Anna Inginmaa

This Friday, to kick off the Kallio Kukkii -festival, Anna Inginmaa will perform with her band at Villipuutarha! See her video for Syysvalssi, filmed at Villipuutarha here

Peformance time Friday 13th at 17:00. Welcome!