maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Summer State of Mind

Yesterday we hosted the confirmation reception of a very handsome young man and it was a really wonderful event with great guests, speeches and even live violin music! After the event we did a little bit of organizing to give the cafe a new Summer look.

We also kicked off our easy-going Summer cafe opening hours, Tuesday to Friday open 10am until 4pm and on Saturdays we will still serve our deluxe brunch but be sure to reserve your table in advance!

Unfortunately my camera broke about a week ago, and mobile phone picture quality just isn't up to the standard I'd like to keep (as you can tell from the photo above!), so like our little cafe also our little blog will hibernate over the following Summer months. So stop reading and go outside and enjoy the light and sun :)

Take care!

sunnuntai 23. toukokuuta 2010

Top Models on a Leash

We had a photoshoot for a SoffaTV show "Huippumalli narussa" at the cafe last Sunday and I snapped a few "making of" pictures for y'all. Will let you know when the show comes out!

lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

perjantai 21. toukokuuta 2010

Smalltribe pt 2

Smalltribe kicked off the Kallio Kukkii week last Friday at the cafe with their great performance! Thanks Yovan & Carlos!

torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010


Visit Kallio and you never know what you will find but there is definitely something for everyone be it knitting or rock'n'roll.

Kallio Kukkii

Kallio is booming and blooming with shows, exhibitions, performances, art and everything imaginable this week. At the cafe we have an exhibition by Ainomaria Säävälä, come take a look at her colourful and vibrant paintings!

To see the entire Kallio Kukkii schedule go to Kallion Kulttuuriverkosto ry

lauantai 15. toukokuuta 2010

To Dance Wtih Gusto

What's going on when a grungy looking group of men walk into the Wild Garden? Well, the garden is wild so aaanything could happen ;) but this time what happened was SoffaTV interviewed Gusto in candlelight, aw! Interview can be seen ---> here <---- there.

torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010


Enjoy an evening of diverse ethnic culture and music this Friday (tomorrow!) with Smalltribe as they perform songs at the cafe in French, Spanish and English. Smalltribe is a duo composed by Yovan Nagwetch (Native French Canadian) & Carlos Alexis (Nicaraguan) who play native folk & light acoustic rock music. They sing about the life of their people as well as the reality of their countries.

Kallio is blooming with activities once again for the Kallio Kukkii festival which kick starts tomorrow! Playtime for Smalltribe will be at about 7pm so come sit down for a cup of your choice of refreshment and enjoy :)

keskiviikko 5. toukokuuta 2010


Yesterday a very talkative little girl at the cafe told me her favorite number is seven even though she's turning six in just a few days. Turns out we have the same birthday but I didn't dare tell her I'm happy to be dropping off the number 7 from my age because I much prefer the number 8.

She drew her family in our guest book and decided she's almost 6 years old so it's OK for her to write that she's 6yrs. I hope you have a great party and despite your worries, I'm sure your jeans will still fit tomorrow, even though you'll be older then :)
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torstai 29. huhtikuuta 2010

A Few Years Back...

The change of the month is always a little hectic, so here is a quick blast from the past:

Katja and I were obviously planning our future cafe in this picture! Notice the Duplo's on a cruise liner on the left? They are the customers coming to visit us all the way from Sweden ;)

lauantai 24. huhtikuuta 2010


Tonight our entire café & shop crew will be heading to Monoteatteri to see the Utopia performance, featuring Thomas from Villipuutarha!

Thomas has been extremely busy working at the cafe and heading to rehearsals for the past few months so it will be great to see the final product. Shows run until the 2nd of May, go see!

perjantai 23. huhtikuuta 2010

Le Petit Paris

People have said our little corner in Kallio reminds them of Paris (amongst other cities and places), so Pia LPR made special Paris greeting cards just for us, they're precious! Merci!

keskiviikko 21. huhtikuuta 2010

Bunny In The Window

Listening to Patti Page's "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window".. cute song, but the lyrics should be altered a little e.g. "I do want a bunny and a kitty!" ;)

Many Onneli animals have already found new homes so some new ones moved in, come meet them! :)

tiistai 20. huhtikuuta 2010

Sun & Soup

We've been doing some experimenting this week, both at home and at the cafe, and as a result we aim to introduce several refreshing gazpacho themed soups for the Summer season!

Today for lunch I tested a red bell pepper soup. This evening Katja will taste my soup and I will taste her avocado gazpacho.. yum!


New birds from i made this have arrived!

maanantai 19. huhtikuuta 2010


Take a journey to the 20s and 30s, take in a little Charleston spirit, bring back the nostalgic memories of sneaky through your grandmother's jewelery box and come see the new Hippakorut treasures at our shop!

Milena Urmas has been making jewelry here in Helsinki for the past decade. Her pieces delicate, innocent and they have the care-free feel of the past. She mostly uses long-lasting and durable materials such as sterling sliver, semi-precious gemstones and glass pearls. These pieces are made to last.

At our shop we have bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings and even beautiful bookmarks, come see!

lauantai 17. huhtikuuta 2010

Little Garden Details..

Ever notice a funny looking plant with a long stem and several luscious leaves at the tippy top? It's an avocado tree (maybe 'tree' is a slight overstatement at this stage!) which we got as a gift from a wonderful friend. She planted the avocado seed herself, and now we've been watching it grow :)

Maybe we will have avocados this summer? ;)

perjantai 16. huhtikuuta 2010

Rain Down

Rainy day greetings! We've been quiet on the blog front, but it doesn't mean we've forgotten you! Silence here only means we've been busy, busy, busy.. But several updates are on their way.

One little bit of info for all you tea drinkers: New tea blends arrived yesterday incl. Ginger Breeze herbal infusion and Strawberry Cream Rooibos and now we have plenty in stock of our old favorites eg Sweet Rosie O'Grady! Nothing like a steaming cup of tea on a rainy day eh? :)

maanantai 5. huhtikuuta 2010


Finally here are the pictures from Ottilie's amazing performance! Picture credits go to Pawel Puczcz and Arttu. Also, two new songs from last years gig were published on SoffaTV!


lauantai 3. huhtikuuta 2010

Guest Book Snippets pt. 4

Here's another old guest book entry written by our friends when they were still expecting their baby! Picasa turned the picture a funny shade of purple, but I kinda like it ;)

And these pictures were drawn by my friend's daughter Janaan when they visited Finland last summer, she drew my portrait!

I'm loving the monkey ;)

keskiviikko 31. maaliskuuta 2010

Guest Book Snippets pt. 3

Fairies outside, fairy house and a little girl named Aino. Apparently our guest who enjoys drawing fairies was still in Christmas spirits in March 2009 because I'm pretty certain they wrote "jouluiloa" (xmas cheer / merry

tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010

Easter Gifts!

We have reorganised our shop to accommodate all of the new amazing little things that have arrived! An artist from Lappeenranta has made some amazingly beautiful and nostalgic hand-made cards, boxes, pendants, pouches, decorations... there are so many pretty things! Those pretty things include Easter themed cards, egg-shaped boxes (so you can hide your very own treat inside!) and decorations. Come see and adore!

p.s. Pictures from Ottilie's unforgettable visit will be posted soon, I promise!