keskiviikko 31. maaliskuuta 2010

Guest Book Snippets pt. 3

Fairies outside, fairy house and a little girl named Aino. Apparently our guest who enjoys drawing fairies was still in Christmas spirits in March 2009 because I'm pretty certain they wrote "jouluiloa" (xmas cheer / merry

tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010

Easter Gifts!

We have reorganised our shop to accommodate all of the new amazing little things that have arrived! An artist from Lappeenranta has made some amazingly beautiful and nostalgic hand-made cards, boxes, pendants, pouches, decorations... there are so many pretty things! Those pretty things include Easter themed cards, egg-shaped boxes (so you can hide your very own treat inside!) and decorations. Come see and adore!

p.s. Pictures from Ottilie's unforgettable visit will be posted soon, I promise!

lauantai 27. maaliskuuta 2010

Guest Book Snippets pt. 2

More Guest book snippets! Thank you for leaving your drawings and messages!

maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

Qu'elle est Belle

Our amazing French house band, the spectacular duo, our beloved Ottilie have returned to the North! And they will of course stop by the cafe to entertain us for an intimate acoustic gig! So mark the 25th Thursday in your calendars and come let their music take you to where-ever it is it will take you (far away, into some nice, magical place). Playtime is at five p.m! So 17:00, see you!

p.s. we still have a few of their cds at the cafe, so drop by and you can have Ottilie in your home anytime you want ;)

p.p.s. If our tiny little place becomes overly crowded you can still see Ottilie play at Cafe Mascot that same evening! It'll be one amazing Thursday! Tres bon! ;D

New Little Treasures

Here are a few new items in our shop from Merry Go Round and You Complete Me. *love*

mmm diamonds and pink lightning rods! ih!

lauantai 20. maaliskuuta 2010

Guest Book Snippets pt. 1

We absolutely love browsing through our guest books and reading your comments, thought I'd share some with you!

Above is the first entry from our first guest book. There are a couple of entries following, the latest written in 1955 before the book was passed on to the cafe. And below are just a few nice little bits, mostly from last year. Enjoy!

p.s. Did you see the review about us in this week's NYT-Liite? :)

keskiviikko 10. maaliskuuta 2010

Happy Onneli Creatures

The Garden has new guests! They are Onneli creatures and they are oh so hugable! They've spent this week exploring the cafe, we could hardly keep up! But now they've relaxed and really made themselves at home. Let me introduce some of them to you!

This proud kitty is named Helmi. She insisted on posing next to the sign that says "I'm in the Garden", which I must agree was a good idea!

This is Ms. Emilia, daydreaming on the couch. I wish I had a dress like hers!

Onerva, the cat who loves to travel and Sulho the smiling rabbit had a bit of tea this afternoon. Sulho prefers his tea just as it is, Onerva takes two sugars and cream in her tea.

This is Hilkka Annikki. She loves to dance, but here she's taking a well deserved rest, she had quite a bit of cake right before I took this picture!

All of the Onneli creature wanted me to tell you that you can come visit them at the cafe, you can even take them home with you! Imagine that! So do come say hello :)

maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2010

Little Treasures

Our shop is open!

From our shop corner you can find pretty little things from e.g. I Made This, Merry Go Round, You Complete Me and PuroPuro to name a few. Many of the products are one of a kind & unique, so once they're sold another exact replica will not appear in our shop again. We also still have a few cds from our French house band Ottilie left! And did you know that most of our furniture is also for sale? Come take a look!

sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2010

A Random Thursday Night on Kaarlenkatu 13

Here are a few pictures from Hansvotti's and Taavet's lil gig last Thursday! Enjoy!

Cool bass, eh?

For the last few songs the audience got to join in with different kinds of drums, coconuts etc.. I made some noise with my tea cup, spoon, water bottle.. was good fun :) After the gig we enjoyed some pannacotta, nam! If you missed this gig then you can take a listen to the band here.

Thanks to Pawel Puszcz for the pics!

perjantai 5. maaliskuuta 2010

Media Attack From the West

This time Thomas learnt that you must always look your best when at the cafe - because you never know when a photographer and journalist ambush will take place ;) An article prompting Swedish cruise visitors to explore areas outside the core center of the city will appear in a Swedish newspaper and they chose to recommend us to their readers. Great! Tack tack och vällkommen på kaffee i Villipuutarha.. :D (I don't speak a word of Swedish :(.. )

I think the previous ambush article about our beloved Kallio should be published this weekend? Will have to go browse the papers tomorrow after work... and buy all the copies if the picture makes me feel more like a toad than a flower ;) <-- last remark written to match picture to the text haha

torstai 4. maaliskuuta 2010

Kitty Spring Greetings

It feels amazing when the postman walks in and hands over something other than bills and advertisements - especially when that something is as adorable and lovely as this letter and it's contents! Just take a look at what two lovely little girls sent Katja .. these pictures really made our day!

I cannot help by smile when I see that cat with a cinnamon bun in it's hand! :)

tiistai 2. maaliskuuta 2010

Occasionally Problematic Phone..

We are working on developing a properly functioning system for taking table reservations.. at present how it works is that one of us carries the cafe phone and reservation book along with us where ever we go. This picture was taken last week when Katja, Anu and myself went for a walk around Töölö bay and we had to stop to take down a reservation - I'm just happy I had Katja there to hold the book for me, it can get a bit clumsy when I'm on the move on my own and the phone begins to ring... ;)

maanantai 1. maaliskuuta 2010

Monday Blues Be Gone!

Starting right now the cafe will be open on every weekday of the week - even on Mondays - from seven in the morning until eight in the evening.

Come grab your morning coffee and try out our new breakfast muffins! During the first few days to weeks we will be testing out different kinds of breakfast porridge, self-made muesli combos, breakfast smoothies and so on.. come taste and give us your opinions! What would you like for breakfast on a weekday from the Wild Garden?