keskiviikko 10. maaliskuuta 2010

Happy Onneli Creatures

The Garden has new guests! They are Onneli creatures and they are oh so hugable! They've spent this week exploring the cafe, we could hardly keep up! But now they've relaxed and really made themselves at home. Let me introduce some of them to you!

This proud kitty is named Helmi. She insisted on posing next to the sign that says "I'm in the Garden", which I must agree was a good idea!

This is Ms. Emilia, daydreaming on the couch. I wish I had a dress like hers!

Onerva, the cat who loves to travel and Sulho the smiling rabbit had a bit of tea this afternoon. Sulho prefers his tea just as it is, Onerva takes two sugars and cream in her tea.

This is Hilkka Annikki. She loves to dance, but here she's taking a well deserved rest, she had quite a bit of cake right before I took this picture!

All of the Onneli creature wanted me to tell you that you can come visit them at the cafe, you can even take them home with you! Imagine that! So do come say hello :)

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