maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

Qu'elle est Belle

Our amazing French house band, the spectacular duo, our beloved Ottilie have returned to the North! And they will of course stop by the cafe to entertain us for an intimate acoustic gig! So mark the 25th Thursday in your calendars and come let their music take you to where-ever it is it will take you (far away, into some nice, magical place). Playtime is at five p.m! So 17:00, see you!

p.s. we still have a few of their cds at the cafe, so drop by and you can have Ottilie in your home anytime you want ;)

p.p.s. If our tiny little place becomes overly crowded you can still see Ottilie play at Cafe Mascot that same evening! It'll be one amazing Thursday! Tres bon! ;D

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