keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2010

Picture Perfect Reflection

I was at the café yesterday morning doing some paperwork when in walk a journalist and photographer. It's always great when they do that of course, and I really enjoy giving interviews.. but I must confess I get a little self-conscious when it comes to posing in their photographs without prior warning - in other words without being styled up by Katja in advance!

The kind photographer insisted he was good at what he does, although I am not entirely convinced his talent will compensate for my hardly brushed hair and barely-there makeup. In any case, from now on I will have to do my best to look my best, just in case.. you never know when photographers attack!

The topic of their article was close to my heart however: Kallio. I love living in Kallio and it was a pleasure to give them my opinion on the matter!

The article will be published in about two weeks and I will post about it again then. Fingers crossed they decide to use pictures of our cafe instead of me.

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