lauantai 20. helmikuuta 2010

Sunday Chili Chocolate Anticipation

It was a cold day today, so it was great that so many of you braved the icy winds and dropped by the cafe! Our coffee, tea and hot chocolate seemed steamier and hotter than usual too!

I noticed a customer hum along to the music today, and he seemed to catch himself doing it, as if he didn't intend to be humming. He seemed pleased and happy and it's great to notice these little things.. reminds us that we're not just there to pour coffee, but to make you happy, which again, makes us happy :)

Tomorrow we will keep the cafe open for the last time on a Sunday. Katja prepared some lovely vegetarian pies (she named them sacred pies!) and we will spice up our hot chocolate drink (made from real chocolate) with a hint of chili. So do drop by and treat yourself to something delicious!

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