torstai 25. helmikuuta 2010

And a Cherry on Top!

I just came home from the café where I was finishing off some paper work and Anna-Kaisa was finishing off the evening clean-up for the day when I happened to notice something quite peculiar in our postbox...

A package? How fun! Who could it be for?

"That's us!" we exclaimed and blushed after a moment of surprise. But who's it from? Why? Iih!

Inside we saw pink paper and a card.. "Those cupcake cups.. I recognise those cupcake cups!"

Wrapped inside the pink paper we found...

Aprons!! We were sent aprons as a thank you for the KappAhl Vintage Stories event we hosted last week! We are both extremely touched and happy about our gift. Thank you! :)

Nike was kind enough to lend her beautiful figure for a picture as I was not wearing pretty enough clothes to match the aprons and Anna-Kaisa had already put on her winter coat, but I am sure you will see these prized aprons worn by us at the cafe in the future!

Our present was definitely the cherry on top of our day today :)

ps. I have to admit these pictures were reconstructed - no way were we going to stop to take pictures while actually opening the package! :D

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