sunnuntai 8. helmikuuta 2009

A Wild Week

I've been busy and unable to focus on writing the past week. Adjusting has been quite overwhelming and it'll probably take a few more weeks before life as a "cafe co-owner" begins to feel normal.

A lot is happening. We've been open now twice on Saturdays and served a luxury plate of assorted goodies incl. Blue Stilton, Brie, Serrano ham, goats milk Gouda, spiced cream cheese, olives, black cherry and orange marmalade, sun dried ("half dried") tomatoes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, a healthy smoothie drink, an espresso based coffee drink and as much "granny coffee" as you can handle.. We figured there's not much point in eating out for a Saturday breakfast/brunch/evening snack if the food served is something that you could easily find in your own fridge, and this is the result. What do you think? :)

We've also booked several private events, have a few of our own events coming up (incl. chocolate tasting and a sewing club), appeared in the February issue of Trendi magazine (lil text with a few pics towards the end of the mag, will try to get a scan once I get my own copy), and a little baby girl was Christened at the cafe a week ago!

Reinforcements have also arrived! Two wonderful women have stepped in to help us with daily tasks at the cafe and I could not be more relieved or happier to have them with us.

Also, my dad saw the cafe for the first time since last summer (when it was still a pile of paint cans and loads of renovation tools). He's not much of a talker but he did say it looked different, so I'll take that as a compliment ;)

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  1. "he's not much of a talker but he did say it looked different,"
    ahahahaha :D

    that made me smile.. but he did say to me that it was nice, so i think 'different' really was a compliment.

    <3 AK

  2. yeah, and he did visit another time so that's always good ;)


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