maanantai 9. helmikuuta 2009

Feeling Good

Today I visited Stupido Shop and picked up some new albums to play at the cafe. I'm a newbie when it comes to jazz so I relied on the expertise of the Stupido guy and came home with some Nina Simone and St Germain.

I would love to play Edith Piaf (among other artists) when at work, but her CDs didn't cross my path this time. What would you like to listen to when sitting at our cafe?

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  1. Hi :). I've been to your café once and i really liked it. The service was really friendly and i loved the decoration and stuff.
    I think you could play Feist, Trio töykeät maybe and Norah Jones. Edith Piah would suit your café very well :).

  2. Moi. I came to finland from Tokyo with my favourite Brasilian CDs. Among them, I think " segundo tempo" by Peri would be also suit the atomosphere there :) Thanks for calm and warm sunday afternoon!

  3. My entire music taste would match your cafe. i think I have to make you a mixtape CD some day.

  4. I would just come for Nina Simone, but I suggest Miriam Makeba also.
    Django Reinhardt for a difference.
    Chocolates, mmm... another reason to come!

  5. Thanks everyone for the tips! :) Never really even thought that a whole new world of music would open up to me this way.. but it's great :)

    We played some Norah Jones after opening hours on Sunday after our women's day sauna night and must say that it fit the place perfectly! We now also have Edith Piaf!

    Anonymous 2, we have some Django so stop by any time and make a request ;)


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