maanantai 16. helmikuuta 2009


We had our first chocolate tasting event last Friday. Finland's best chocolatier (well, I think so anyway;) Petri Sirén brought the the mysterious world of luxury chocolates to our..our lips, I suppose! Nothing like starting off the weekend by sampling hand-made chocolates.

Maybe I should make a separate label for these chocolate posts, as there seem to be quite a few of them already :D But I'm sure you understand, it's not common to be able to provide hand-made's a little bit of luxury and I believe it deserves to be acknowledged! As Petri said, it's difficult to find high-quality chocolate in Finland.

ps. We have a nice selection of chocolates at the cafe now, including: milk chocolate banana (my new favorite..well, it's sharing first place with raspberry), orange, coconut and lime, raspberry, mint, hazel nut... :P~~

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