lauantai 5. joulukuuta 2009

Arla Sauna

After we introduced our Sunday opening hours Sunday Sauna at Arla quickly became a tradition of ours. There is no place I would rather be after a long week of work than at our next door neighbour public sauna Arla.

Arla has served and washed the people of Helsinki since the late 1920s and with the well-perserved deocr of the facilities all of your senses can experience the history of our city. The shower room and massive sauna stove are both rustic and beautiful as well as mildly creepy and, well historical, all at the same time. The ceiling of the sauna room is tainted black and all work-related thoughts vanish while you find different images, shapes and figures in the ceiling..

History aside, at the end of the day you always go home feeling cleaner, softer and more relaxed than you have since (in our case) the week before when we last visited :)

Arla is open wed-sunday, 14-21, Kaarlenkatu 15.

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  1. En löytänyt Villipuutarha-blogia Blogilistalta. Seuraisin tätä mieluusti sen kautta. Voisiko blogin lisätä

  2. Luulen, että blogimme on nytä!


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