perjantai 27. marraskuuta 2009

i made this

Tiina Palm's playful and colourful accessories have been added to our shop! Perched on our birdcage are several graceful bird earrings and necklaces from Tiina's I Made This Tender collection, which is described as follows;

"Tender jewelry is
pure handmade aesthetics
for gentle fingers and loving souls.
These delicate creatures with
a heart of metal
and exterior of feathers
need a little love & affection
so please treat them with
extra special care and respect
like you would treat a very dear friend."

Tiina has a blog full of inspiration, promoting all things positive (it really pulls you in.. in a good way! So much to discover) and several different collections under her I Made This label. You can see some great pictures of her Tender collection in this post, as well as some great pics of our cafe and the little birdies in this post! Visit;

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