tiistai 28. huhtikuuta 2009

Mayday Mayday!

We are anxiously waiting for the first day of May at the cafe, as we will be serving a nice Vappu brunch! We spent the weekend experimenting different recipes and combos and we just know that you'll love what we came up with!

We're also going to be packing picnic boxes and providing blankets for those of you who want to spend May Day outdoors in the sun, so drop on by on Friday to see what we've prepared for you!

p.s. We'll need a bit of extra time to prepare, so we're keeping the cafe closed on Thursday. Friday we'll be all dolled up for Vappu from 11-17!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Great picture of lovely dressed ladies! Are all of you always like this or just for this photo? Very beautiful anyway! :D

  2. Hei. Miten te voitte olla aina kiinni! Kovasti olisi lounaalle tulijoita, mutta aukioloajat vaihtelevat niin paljon, että vaikea pysyä perässä.


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