maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Summer State of Mind

Yesterday we hosted the confirmation reception of a very handsome young man and it was a really wonderful event with great guests, speeches and even live violin music! After the event we did a little bit of organizing to give the cafe a new Summer look.

We also kicked off our easy-going Summer cafe opening hours, Tuesday to Friday open 10am until 4pm and on Saturdays we will still serve our deluxe brunch but be sure to reserve your table in advance!

Unfortunately my camera broke about a week ago, and mobile phone picture quality just isn't up to the standard I'd like to keep (as you can tell from the photo above!), so like our little cafe also our little blog will hibernate over the following Summer months. So stop reading and go outside and enjoy the light and sun :)

Take care!

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  1. koska kahvila aukeaa remontin jälkeen?

  2. wanted to have a cup of tea at your coffee was shut.. :(
    are you guys open?


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