maanantai 12. tammikuuta 2009

Hasn't quite sunk in yet...

So last Friday was my last day of work at the office. This morning when I walked passed my usual bus stop it felt like I was skipping work. Yup, I felt like a rebel! If this was a movie I would have walked down the street while tearing off my business suit, taken a hammer sledge hammer and smashed our little office coffee machine into tiny twisted plastic bits.. Next I would have fixed my hair, straightened out my apron and walked up to our beautiful espresso machine and switched it on.

Ah the movies!

In real life however, something inside your café partner says "today is the first day of work with your co-worker - now it's OK to get sick!" So half of my day today was spent by poor Katja's bedside going over papers and making plans for the week to come. The other half I was clearing the backroom of the café in preparation for a few more finishing touches (=more. yes more renovation work). Get well soon Katja! I mean it :D

Renovation of course means that we have unfortunately had to postpone the re-opening until next week. Sorry about that! But it's better that we take care of all the things we have to take care of properly and then come back when we can really focus on running a café 100% and not have to think about all the other nonsense ;)

A bit about my last day of work at the office...

By 14:00 I could hardly sit still. It was the same feeling I get before travelling somewhere, anxious and constantly asking myself if I had forgotten to do something. But then 16:30 comes so quickly you hardly notice it and before you know it your last day of work is over and you're being handed a bottle of champagne while your co-workers say mushy stuff that makes you blush ;)

I was indeed given an incredible send-off which included the above mentioned champagne, dinner, a gift certificate for a 1 hour massage (!!!), a gorgeous Kalevala necklace and so many kind words. Thank you all again for the send-off and for all that went into the past year!
Thank you! And do come visit me at the café :)

We'll be back next week on Tuesday the 20th from noon until 19:00! But I'll probably write an entry or two before then, so see you soon!

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