perjantai 28. marraskuuta 2008

One step forward...

Here goes.. my first blog entry. First of all, welcome to The Wild Garden blog!

The name of the blog comes from a café in Kallio, Helsinki, which a close friend Katja and I started (with the help of many wonderful friends). The café is called VilliPuutarha, which incidentally means 'wild garden' in Finnish.

I got hooked on blogs about a year ago.. The idea of writing my own was interesting, but I didn't feel like I had anything worth reading to write about... until now of course ;)

Almost exactly one year ago I was drinking coffee with some lovely friends during a "girls weekend" and we were discussing our lives in general. This particular weekend was fantastic as it was a weekend which involved great food, great company, a road trip to Porvoo for shopping and café hopping, a granny evening (picture on the left was taken during our granny eve) and maybe some chili strawberry mojito cocktails.. This weekend is one that we still talk about and it was something that many of us really needed.. it's amazing how spending time with good friends can energise you! But back to the main point: during our yapping the topic drifted to work issues and someone asked me what it was that I would really love to do with my life workwise. I sighed and answered: "well, I've always imagined that owning a little place of my own, a café for example, would be ..excellent".

Katja's eyes brightened and you could tell she had something on her mind...

Skipping ahead a few months, Katja had already told me about her plans to start a café and she sat me down, put on a stern face and basically began to ask me if I wanted in on the café project.. She really didn't need to ask, in fact, I had already assumed from day one of hearing about her plans that I would be involved! Which may have been a little presumptuous on my part, but well.. I've known Katja my whole life, so let that justify my assumptions ;)

So, like the wild garden name suggests... I'm not going to restrict the topics that may appear on this blog too much.. let them come and grow freely (or "wildly"...). Naturally the main focus will be on our café and our lives that revolve around it...but there can be quite a lot of life and issues involved... Therefore, my guess is as good as yours, as to what kind of posts and stories will be presented here.. but whatever they are, we really really hope that you enjoy your reading and visit back soon :)

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  1. i'm beaming with joy for the both of you!!!!! uuuuuu! i can't wait to spend time there with you when we next visit Finland :D
    all my love, Hannan xxxx

  2. I would like to see many more pictures and details of that wonderful fairytale-interior of your café!!

  3. Something White: it's all coming.. :P Just need to get a camera that actually works that would be at the cafe (or with me) at all times.. I walk around the cafe thinking "that would make a good shot.." quite a lot ;D
    thanks for the suggestion though and if you have any other ideas then please let me know :)


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